Demystifying deployment workflows

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One question many of us have heard or had when we were getting started as web developers and/or entering a new role is a very simple “how do I deploy my site?” We’re often tied into vendor defined workflows, and literally just go with the flow, or are presented with solutions with very complex projects as the baseline. What if you wanted to evaluate the options objectively? What if you want to build your own workflow? What are some best practices? What are the basics of deploying a site?

In this session we’ll give a high level view of how to work with a Drupal project in this workflow:

  • Initial project creation using vanilla Drupal Core, setting up a Git repository, and a local development environment.
  • How to use Git to collaborate with a team and protect your work.
  • How to share your work in progress with team and stakeholders. 
  • How to use continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) to regularly test and deploy your work.
  • What you need to do to move a site from local or preview to live deployment.

When you leave the session you should have a grasp of the pieces of the process and how they fit together regardless of the specific tool or vendor you may use at each stage. You’ll understand how you can put together a workflow that works best for your projects, your team, your students or your clients.