Building a Virtual Conference for 100,000 attendees in 10 weeks, using Drupal + Vue

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Development & Performance
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In this session we will cover:


  • Why Vue.js and how it helped with performance and privacy
  • Utilizing Drupal to overcome 3rd party API shortcomings
  • Performance measurements, scalability

Project Management:

  • Coordinating with multiple vendors on tight deadlines
  • Managing 4 internal teams
  • Implementing Risks and Decision Log


Short summary: had a 10-week timeline to design and build their online conference platform from scratch. The client assembled a team of top-tier vendors and partners, with Palantir as the technical lead. Our role was to: 

  • Implement a Drupal 9-centric solution that would sit nicely with their existing technology stack, leveraging style guide elements and enhancing their web marketing infrastructure.
  • Evaluate and make recommendations for the best third-party technology solutions for video streaming, one-on-one session management, feedback systems, sponsorship systems, and community and connection platforms.
  • Translate custom visual design provided by the client’s design partner into a style guide and then implement it on the live site
  • Coordinating and collaborating with a large team of partners and vendors on a tight timeline, developing a solution that could easily handle traffic from more than 100,000 attendees during the event.